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The "5Rs" of Effective Learning

All Ormesby Village Schools Federation everyone in our community is expected to show a positive attitude and growth mindset each and every day. Adults model what we expect from the children and we reward those pupils who demonstrate such enthusiasm and determination throughout each week. 

Our "5Rs" represent five different life skills that we wish our pupils to learn and put into practise whilst at school. We hope once they are adopted the pupils can then transfer them into their daily lives outside of school. The “5Rs” stand for Resilience, Responsibility, Resourcefulness, Readiness and Reflectiveness.

At our Junior school, each ‘R’ is as follows:


I show a ‘have a go’ attitude.

I am ready to learn and believe I can do it.

I know my learning targets.


I can investigate and explore.

I use what I already know to help me learn something new.

I can try different approaches in my learning.


I can work well with others in my learning.

I make good choices in my behaviour and learning.

I try hard to improve and recognise my achievements.


I can stick at a job.

I can keep going even when I find work difficult.


I can think about what I am learning, and how to get better.

I look back and make connections.

Please see the explanation posters below for more ways to demonstrate the "5Rs."