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Anyone for Quidditch?

Week ends with a Harry Potter-style sporting tribute!

As we enter into half-term, I wanted to say a giant well done to all the children for their efforts this half-term. Attitudes to learning are stronger and behaviour has been consistently good. It has been a pleasure to see the different characters enjoying their lessons and listening to the pupils sharing what they have enjoyed. I hope all parents felt the positivity too following the parent-teacher meetings. 

It was another enjoyable event at St. Margaret's Church for our Harvest Festival celebrations on Wednesday. Thank you Rev. Jo. The singing from everyone in the school was superb and I was very impressed with the choir for their brace of uplifting tunes. It is brilliant to hear how much other members of the community appreciate our children too. Very proud of all of them. 

Today, we had Premier Sports visit to get an hour of sporting enrichment in Quidditch. My question is: did the pupils need to ride a broomstick in order to play? I have no doubt everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. 

The link with Harry Potter was also evident during the Halloween Disco. Lots of elaborate costumes and masks were on show and it was pleasing to see everyone who attended enjoying themselves. The Macarena dance en masse was also a highlight. Who knew some of the Junior Leaders were such great dancers?

Do not forget we return on Monday 31st October after our half-term break, so please make sure you have fun and stay safe.